Online Program

Online Program

Tired of picture paperwork? Spend time doing your school job instead of processing papers for a picture company.

Modern Style

All backgrounds are digital. You can also select which background you want from our various lists.

Smart Shopping

You can select which pose(s) you want, you pay online, choose e-delivery or printed delivery and various products such as canvas, wall art, posters and even more!

Environmentally Friendly

Paperless approach for schools, QR codes for each student, and Online order forms.

Center Benefits

Every single session includes :

 School director gets FREE package
 Staff members get 50% off
 Photos for staff
 All pictures are CUT for you
 Retouch on all photos

Sign up for 3 sessions or more :

Link to download images
ID cards available for purchase
Yearbook offers
Class pictures available for purchase
Complimentary access to certificates and diploma templates